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Oh-Mi! Road Race

  • Sunday, 18 September 2022
  • Ride Start:  9:00am
  • Register Online: Oh-Mi! Road Race
  • Location:  Posey Lake, MI
  • Cost: 
    • $8/rider 18 and up who is a current (paid through Dec 31, 2022) Maumee Valley Wheelman MVW Membership
    • $15/rider 18 and up who is not a current MVW member 
    • Riders 17 and under do not have to pay the $8 or $15 fee, though they may have to pay for a 1-day license if they do not have a 2022 USAC racing license.
    • 1-day licenses are  $10 for beginners/Cat5 and $25 for all others, please purchase ONLINE before the event
  • Distance: 53.7 miles 

    It's the Ohio-Michigan War all over again!  OhMi! This will be a Friendly between the Ann Arbor Velo Club and Maumee Valley Wheelmen cycling clubs (at least) though we are hoping more clubs will be represented.


    -Park at the Hudson Middle/High School, 746 N Maple Grove Ave, Hudson, MI 49247.  Water and bathroom facilities are not guaranteed.

    The Race:

    -The race will be a mass-start event (all racers start together and race together).

    -There will be a neutral rolling start from the Hudson Middle/High School parking lot to the left turn onto South Rollin Highway (approximately 2.5 miles) at 10:00 a.m.

    -The course will NOT be marked, but there will be course marshals at each corner.  The marshals will only signal to the racers that there is other vehicle traffic to be aware of; they will NOT stop other vehicle traffic.

    -The course will NOT be closed to other vehicle traffic, use caution and common sense while racing and obey traffic laws.


    -To be considered a "team" there must be at least 4 racers.

    -Racers on each team must wear (reasonably) matching kit (for identification purposes by other racers and race director).  Wear your team colors with pride!
    -Scoring: Racers will be awarded points according to the number of racers on the start line. First place will get points equal to the number of racers, 2nd place will get 1 less, etc. First 10 finishers for each club will score points for their club. Finishers from each club after first 10 displace points from other teams that haven't yet got all 10 across the line. No riders will be pulled, so keep racing to the finish no matter what place you are in!
    -If you are not in a represented club you will be grouped with other non-represented riders into "Team Mash-Up" and are encouraged to practice team racing skills with the other members of Team Mash-Up. Can Team Mash-Up beat the organized teams?
    -All proceeds after expenses will be divided up between the REPRESENTED clubs. Team Mash-Up is not considered a club for this purpose.

    Link to course on RideWithGPS: 2022 OhMi! Road Race

    Lastly, the USAC requires completion of a paper copy of their Event Release Form.  You may find a partially pre-filled form here.  Please print the form, complete it, and then bring it with you on Sunday.  Completion of this form is required, and I have to keep these forms on file for the year.  If you have questions regarding OhMi!, text, call or e-mail !

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