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MVW Awards Banquet
November 16, 2000

Toledo, November 16, 2000 The upper room at The Spaghetti Warehouse was jammed as the drop-in crowd swelled Treasurer Steve Sams’ pre-registration. Warm fellowship on a chilly night.

Sams’ PowerPoint presentation, on which he’d spent many hours, looked really spiffy before the cocktail hour concluded, but bombed at award time. We’re better at handling bike hardware than we are the latest laptop technology. But the photo slide show went off OK, with Will McLaughlin gathering most of the comedy points, what with appearing with a mouthful of cash, or dropping his drawers in prep for a downstate crit.

Trophies were awarded three deep in all categories, with a handful of juniors walking off with fistfuls of medals. Will McLaughlin handled the granddaddy trophy, Wheelman Of The Year, with the Most Improved Plaque going to Mark Armstrong. Jon Card, winner of the Time Trial Trophy, got an IOU instead of the permanent trophy. Like many such things lately, the trophy is still "under construction."

A big birthday cake was a surprise dessert as Sherry Simon and President Jim Allen celebrated joint nativities. 

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