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Weekly Race Director Guidelines

In order to fairly distribute the workload of conducting weekly races, each Club member is required to serve either as a director or as a worker for two of the Club's races.  The Club's Race Coordinator is responsible for recruiting or appointing a Weekly Director for each of the season's races.  It is then the Weekly Director's responsibility to insure adequate personnel have, in advance, been recruited to assist with the tasks and responsibilities of conducting the weekly race.

It is the responsibility of each Club member to readily volunteer to direct and/or to work two races.  To facilitate a long season of well-organized, safe and punctual races, each Club member is asked to commit,  prior to the start of the race season, to directing or working his or her two required races.  Worker or Weekly Director sign-up can be accomplished via the Club's website (located on the Race Schedule page) or by consulting with the Race Coordinator.

For the 2020 racing season the Race Coordinator is Allen Kraus.  He can be reached via e-mail at 19akraus@gmail.com

The Weekly Director is responsible for all aspects and tasks of the Club's Weekly Race, this includes:
    1.    Course Preparation
    2.    Rider Registration
    3.    Race Preparation
    4.    Race Monitoring
    5.    Race Results/Take Down

Course Preparation

1.    To help insure a safe race the course must be inspected by the Weekly Director prior to the start.  Inspection of the course should include the following:
        1.    ensuring corners are free of gravel and debris
        2.    assessing corners for view obstructions and limited view of opposing traffic
        3.    assessing the course for any areas offering limited sight of oncoming traffic
        4.    assessing the general condition of pavement
        5.    marking with paint any major or dangerous breaks or deterioration of pavement
        6.    marking the finish line with paint and/or traffic cones

2.    At the discretion of the Weekly Director the course may be modified or the race canceled due to unsafe course conditions, threatening or impending weather conditions or any other hazardous situation.

3.    Within reason, it is at the discretion of the Weekly Director to determine the safety of course conditions, the race length and the number of laps.  If any questions or disputes arise as to the safety the course or the length of the race, and in the unlikely event the concern is not adequately or safely addressed by the Weekly Director, the final decision will reside with the highest ranking Club Officer at the event.

Rider Registration

1.    The Weekly Director is responsible for assuring that no non-member, non-licensed rider participates in the race.  For insurance purposes it is required, without exception, that anyone who participates in a Maumee Valley Wheelmen race be a bona fide member of the Club and  hold a valid USAC racing license.  Prior to participating in a race every non-member must complete a Club Membership Application (applications available in the Race Director's Box) and pay the annual dues.  If desired, a non-member may purchase a one-time, single-race Club membership for $5.00.  Prior to racing again, the person must then pay the remaining balance of the Club dues.  Single event USAC racing license applications are available in the Race Director's Box and must be completed prior to allowing any  non-licensed person to race.  USAC annual racing license applications are also available in the Race Director’s box.  

2.    It is the responsibility of the Weekly Director to insure each rider signs the race sign-in sheet.  For liability reasons each Club member who races must sign the sign-in sheet, which in turn confirms the member agrees to the terms and conditions of the Athlete's Entry Release form.  This sign-in process must be done by each member at each race. 

3.    The insurance surcharge fee of $3.00 is to be collected from each rider, and it is the responsibility of the Weekly Director to ensure each member pays.

4.    It is the Weekly Director's responsibility to confirm that each racer is on the current Club Roster, of which an up-to-date version will be in the possession of the Club's Secretary/Treasurer or other Club Officer.  If an individual is not a current member, then above mention procedure must be adhered to.

Race Preparation

1.    Prior to the start of the race, the Weekly Director must insure that rider registration is complete:
        1.    all race participants are Club members (either annual or single-race, single-day)
        2.    all race participants are USAC license holders (either annual or single-day)
        3.    each rider's signature appears on the sign-in sheet

2.    Although personal safety is the responsibility of each participant and each participant assumes individual risk in racing, the Weekly Director should make an effort to check rider attire insuring that each racer is wearing a helmet and that each rider's jersey cover's the shoulders.  For insurance purposes any rider not wearing an approved helmet will not be permitted to race; there are no exceptions to this rule!   A quick visual check of the bikes should be performed to insure no obvious and apparent mechanical problems exist, e.g. freshly glued tubulars, non-functional or missing brakes, etc.

3.    The courtesy of a prompt race start is requested, and such can be a necessity for races held in late August and September to insure adequate and safe daylight hours for racing. 

4.    At the race start it is the responsibility of the Weekly Director to inform the participants of the following:
        1.    type of race
        2.    race distance
        3.    number of laps
        4.    course directions and hazards
        5.    finish line location
        6.    number of primes (for sprint points)
        7.    length of the neutral start. 

The riders must also be reminded to note their finishing order as accurately as possible, and regardless of placing, each rider must check-in with the finishing official after the race.

Race Monitoring

1.    As the race develops it is the responsibility of each participant and each worker to watch for potential problems and possible safety concerns ( such as traffic, flats, crashes, etc.).  In the event of serious problems or unforeseen safety concerns a race may be shortened or canceled after the event has started and such is at the discretion of the Weekly Director or at the request of a law enforcement officer.

2.    To indicate prime laps a bell is to be rung at the start of each sprint lap, and it is the responsibility of the Weekly Director to record the top three places for each prime. 

3.    Lap cards must be used to inform riders of the number of laps remaining in the race.  It is important that the lap cards not be turned immediately after the lead group passes, instead wait until the chasing groups have passed to prevent confusion as to the remaining length of the race.

4.    To facilitate an efficient and timely race, in the event of a lapped field all lapped riders will finish on the lap immediately following the finish of the lead riders.

5.    Upon immediate finish of the race it is the Weekly Director's responsibility to consult with the riders and record the final finishing order.  In the event of finishing disputes the Weekly Director will consult with other Club Officers present and their decision will be final.

Race Results / Take Down

1.    The Weekly Director is responsible for providing a written Finish Record of race's finishing order to the individual responsible for website maintenance and overall scoring.  Ideally, this should be done immediately following the race so that timely website updates can be posted.  However, in the event the individual for website maintenance is not present, it is the Weekly Director's responsibility to insure the Finish Record is e-mailed or forwarded to the appropriate individual by the morning following the race.

2.    In the unlikely event an accident occurred during the race of such severity that the USAC's insurance will be employed, an Accident Report must be completed as soon as possible following the incident.  Accident Reports are available in the Race Director’s Box.

3.    It is the Weekly Director's responsibility to insure all race equipment is returned to the Race Director's Box and that all brooms, cones, visibility vests etc. are retrieved. 

4.    The Race Director's Box is to then be passed along to the following week's Weekly Director.  In the event the next week’s director is not present, arrangements must be made to insure the Race Director’s Box will be taken to the following weeks’ race.

5.    The sign-in sheet, along with any Club Membership applications, USAC one-day or annual license applications, and the insurance surcharge money is to be given to the Club President or to the individual responsible for forwarding such.

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