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Next Year
by Mark Tyson

Well, the season is over. The season was OK, but you would have liked to do a little bit better. 

Maybe next year.

For the rider who wants a better year, it is next year. The riders I coach generally start their serious training on the first of November. Winter training is for three very specific things for a track [or criterium] rider:

1. Aerobic endurance...you know, all those miles you have to ride.
2. Weight training...you know, that misery in the gym.
3. Overcoming weaknesses...you know, those things that keep you from winning bike races.

Number three is the training purpose I want to address here. Everyone has weaknesses. Even champion riders. Coaches spend a lot of time studying not only their rider’s weaknesses, but their opponent’s weaknesses. Some of the most common weaknesses are:

1. Lack of leg speed.
2. Lack of jump/acceleration.
3. Lack of endurance, both from efforts
and from distance.
4. Lack of tactical knowledge. (positioning, timing, etc)
5. Lack of technical knowledge. (gearing, bike position, wheels, weather conditions, etc.)  

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