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MVW Archives

The logo from the original MVW newsletter

This section contains articles, stories, advice and commentary that span many years of Wheelmen history.  Hundreds of thousands of miles were ridden by many members--both past and present--to make these tales true.  Dave Barnes served as long time Grand Patron of the Club, and one of his many lasting contributions was the MVW's first website:  Freewheel.com  

These articles have been salvaged from the bowels of that site.  Although these writings were available online, they were often tucked in out-of-the-way corners of the site, and many members may have missed the treasure of these tales, or perhaps just forgotten the Club culture and lore to which they speak.

Though much of the writing is more than a decade old, and some is by members who have been absent from the Wheelmen peloton for just as long, the stories represent the life of the Maumee Valley Wheelmen.  The sagas are meant to entertain the fancy of new Wheelmen as much as they are meant to richly remind riders of bygone miles and members.
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