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(races are on TUESDAY evenings)

Each racing club member must work or direct three (3) races. Use the "Register" button below sign up as a Race Director or Race Worker.  To be eligible for any end-of-season awards you must have at least 1 worker credit.

The distance of each race is at the discretion of the individual race director and can change at race time.

# Date Time Type/Laps Distance Venue Staff Dir./Wkrs
0 21 Mar 11:00am Equinox Reliability Trial* 86.4km Fort Meigs 2 A.Kraus/S.Main
1 27 Apr 6:30pm TT 1-Lap 14.6km Otsego Park 7 Denny Walerius/Tyler Smith, Matt Cleland, Jonathan Brinkman, Mike Daggett, Phil Carroll, Phil Clapp, Diego Flores
2 4 May 6:30pm RR A:4-Laps B/C:3-laps A: 32.7km B/C: 24.5km Scotch Ridge 5 Mike House/Jeff Crawford, Mike Chandler, Gino Coppola, Scott Main, Cory Atchison
3 11 May 6:30pm Crit A:30-Laps B/C:25-laps A: 33.3km B/C: 27.8km Owens CEP 2 Rick Nudd/Ben Groves
4 18 May 6:30pm Criterium A:25-Laps B/C:20-Laps A: 36.2km B/C: 29km OOIP 5 Jonathan Hoag/Gary Tarsha, Hal Wilson, Roseann Peiffer, Kevin Skipworth, Chris Holmes, Scott Main, Jason Mishka
5 25 May 6:30pm TT 24.8km MJT (Short Course) 7 Mark Sobb/Mike Daggett, Jim Mazey, Nick Mossing, Tim Book, Jonathan Bartsch, Steve Clark, Steve Sams, Martin Sikula
6 1 Jun 6:30pm RR A:4-Laps B/C:3-Laps A: 43km B/C: 32.5km Woodville 5 Allen Kraus/Chris Holmes, Cory Atchison, Merete Stenersen, Khalil Rafoul, Lavinia Rafoul
7 8 Jun 6:30pm Crit A:30-Laps B/C:25-Laps A: 43.5km B/C: 36.2km OOIP 5 Scott Main/Gary Tarsha, Hal Wilson, Mike Peiffer, Roseanne Peiffer, Tim Eltschlager, Caleb Wotring
8 15 Jun 6:30pm Crit A:30-Laps B/C:25-Laps A: 29.0km B/C: 24.1km Owens DP (short) 2 Phil Carroll/Chris Holmes, Jason Mishka
9 22 Jun 6:30pm TT - Club Champ 32km MJT (long) 7 Mark Sobb/Jim Mazey, Gino Coppola, Allen Kraus, Joe McEwan, Tim Book, Mike Scannell, Tim Ollom, Mike Chandler
10 29 Jun 6:30pm RR A:5-Laps B/C:4-Laps A: 40.2km B/C: 32.2km Long Judson 5 Scott Main/Nancy Lichtensteiger, Roseann Peiffer, Jim Allen, Jon Hoag
11 06 Jul 6:30pm Crit A:30-Laps B/C:25-Laps A: 43.5km B/C: 36.2km OOIP 5 Sherry Simon/Nancy Lichtensteiger, Kevin Skipworth, Kevin Graham,
12 13 Jul 6:30pm Crit A:30-Laps B/C:25-Laps A: 33.8km B/C: 28.2km A: Owens CEP B:Owens DP (long) 4 Allen Kraus/Phillip Clapp, Amy Sieniarecki, Sarah Weihe
13 20 Jul 6:30pm TT 2-Lap 29.6km Otsego Park 7 Allen Kraus/Jonathan Brinkman, Joe McEwan, Sean Baker, Parker Holben, Mike Scannell, Trevor Sweigert, Denny Noward
14 27 Jul 6:30pm RR A:6-Laps B/C:5-Laps A: 48.3km B/C: 40.2km Long Judson 6 Allen Kraus/Sherry Simon, Mike Chandler, Doug Smith,
15 3 Aug 6:30pm Omnium Club Champ Variable Toledo Speedway 3 Allen Kraus/Jim Allen, Phillip Clapp, Tim Eltschlager
16 10 Aug 6:30pm RR A:7-Laps B/C:6-Laps Club Champ A: 56.3km B/C: 48.3km Scotch Ridge 5 Allen Kraus/Mike Pieffer, Phillip Clapp,
17 17 Aug 6:30pm Crit A:35-Laps B/C:30-Laps Club Champ A: 50.7km B/C: 43.5km OOIP 5 Allen Kraus/Gary Tarsha, Steve Clark, Steve Sams, Kevin Skipworth, Dave Teall
18 24 Aug 6:30pm RR A:3-Laps B/C:2-Laps A: 31.2km B/C: 21.4km Woodville 5 Allen Kraus/Sherry Simon, Jonas Maguire, Diego Flores, John Safian, Mike Ianonne
19 31 Aug 6:30pm Crit A:30-Laps B/C:30-Laps A: 33.8km B/C: 33.3km A: Owens DP (Long) B:Owens CEP) 4 Allen Kraus/Todd Anderson, Sarah Weihe
20 7 Sept 6:30pm TT 1-Lap 14.6km Otsego Park 7 Allen Kraus/Matt Cleland, Phil Carroll, Jim Mazey, Joe McEwan, Parker Holben, Mike Scannell

* this event will NOT be included in the clubs standings, but workers will still earn worker points

** in the event the CC TT is cancelled due to weather, this crit will be replaced by the CC TT

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