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The 36th Annual MVW Equinox Reliability Trial
Race #1
25March 2012

Unlike past editions of Equinox, this year’s event provided unseasonably warm temperatures.  But like every Equinox of the past four decades, this year’s affair was greeted with typical gusto by the wicked wind of northwest Ohio; albeit Sunday’s conditions were certainly no rival to last year’s grueling gales. As is so often the case the wind, that was howling form the north, provided little respite on the flat open roads through Wood County’s farmland.  Just as the storyline has been for all the Equinoxes of this century, this year’s protagonists were the same hardy hardmen that have dominated Club events for the preceding decade.  And just as the sagas that have unraveled before, this year’s tale included a few fresh faces to act as antagonists-- ever eager adversaries ready to challenge the the authority, ability and legitimacy of the Club’s titans.  Though the aspirations of these recent rivals were genuine, and though their ambitions were audacious, the denouement was never in doubt, as Clark, Crawford, Card and Thourot, along with the fast-rising Goetz and the much heralded Holt were the first to the finish.  

Fine performances were not just limited to the lead group and its fast finishers.  A winter of dedicated training was evident in the riding of those in the groups trailing the illustrious leaders.  Eric Wharton demonstrated commendable improvement, while Sallie Usher rode will unflappable toughness.  Mike Chandler revealed fanciful fitness born of a winter’s work, and Brian Dynda disclosed a pair of very laudable legs.  And lastly Edgar Rapp revealed reputable riding.

Of course, exceptionally respectable riding was also seen from stalwart veteran Wheelmen Mike Faehnle, Frank Kistler and Mark Armstrong, who ride as if they are thirty-year-olds despite having legs that exceed the half-century mark.

Perhaps the most telling aspect of Equinox was the year’s mild winter.  Although the wind was no treat for this season’s first event, overall the Club displayed good form that follows such a temperate off season.  Despite the near record turnout there were no stragglers on the course, and the event was wrapped-up in record time with no rescues necessary [neither for mechanical nor physical issues].

Lastly, I want to thank everyone for handling their Club registrations and USAC license renewals online prior to the start of the event.  Without doubt this was the easiest and least hectic Equinox registration I’ve encountered.  It made my morning at the Fort much more enjoyable, and I appreciate everyone’s acceptance of the new online membership submission process.

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 Chris Weiderhold was the first to arrive
Jessica Meeker, Denise Giles, Monica West and
Jeff Smith await the start.

Pre-start socializing
Brent Goetz, Jon Card, Mike Faehnle,
Scott Hunter and the ever-comical
Tim Whitney before the start.
Neal Martin and Rey Gamboa chat with
Jessica Meeker and Denise Giles in
the background.

Mike Peiffer and the ageless Gary Tarsha are
all smiles at the start.  Even the day's ever
present wind wouldn't alter their happy

The reigning B Group Champion
Aaron Stevenson ready to show his early 
season form.

Reigning Club Champion and Ever-Fit
Hardman Matt Thourot is prompted to sign-in
by his long-forgotten friend Scott Main.
Matt Thourot catches-up with the once
stalwart and Club veterean Mike Iannone.

The start is just moments away of the 35th 
edition of the Maumee Valley Wheelmen 
Equinox Reliability Trial.

Denise Giles is all smiles after finishing 
a rather blustery edition of Equinox.
The post-event discussion winds down.
Denise Giles and Scott Hunter prior to the 

Mike Iannone and Mindy Calgie
discuss the windy ride.
Allen Krauss severed as event photog.
Jessica Meeker showed fit early season legs.
Post-event recount and replenishment.
The sun arrived for the post-event
Steve Sams always has early season 
fitness, but he was hampered this year by a
back injury.  He rues what might have

The ageless and indefatigable Gary Tarsha 
is still all smiles as he talks post race with
veteran member Doug Smith.

The winners' circle members discuss the day's 
events, as Brent Goetz matched pedal-for-
pedal blows with the Club's hardy Hardmen.
The always affable Tim Whitney makes his
way to the snack wagon.
Allen Krauss

Steve Clark. . . Even faster in his 40s than he
was in his 30s.
Doug Smith a Club stalwart for the

A happy smiling Denise Giles

Mike Iannone makes his jubilant return 
to the Wheelmen.
Kevin West is showing some very strong
early season form.
Club Race Directors Khalil and Lavina
Raffoul.  A sincere thank you for your efforts
in making this year's Equinox possible!

The always amiable Edgar Rapp.
All around Great Guy and long-time standout
athlete Gary Tarsha.


The constantly congenial Tim Whitney.

Equinox Results from 1978 & 1979
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