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MVW News 10Feb18

Rolf Wheel Deal

If you intend to order a pair of Rolf wheels, the deadline to do so is Thursday, 15 February.  Info on the Wheel Deal is posted on the website.  To view the Rolf Wheel info, you must be logged-in.  The document page is then accessed via the Members section.  Orders are placed through Cycle Werks in Whitehouse.


The annual misery known as Equinox is scheduled for Saturday, 24 March.  As has been the case since its decades old inception, the start is at Fort Meigs, and the time is 11:00pm.  Yes, it's on a Saturday this year to accommodate my work schedule.  Consequently, the Saturday date allows me to be present and handle registration and sag duties.

Asheville Spring Training

The dates for the Club's annual spring excursion to Asheville, NC are Thursday, 19 April through Sunday 22 April.  As is customary, many folks will depart the Toledo area on Wednesday evening, 18 April to drive to Lexington, KY to spend the night at the Days Inn.  Then Thursday morning the usual ride through horse county will occur before departing for the remainder of the drive to Asheville.  

Look for info on hotel reservations to be posted this next week.

Club Membership & USAC License Renewal

If you have not yet renewed your Club membership, please do so!  The process for doing so is ONLY via the web.  The renewal notices are auto-generated by the web's software, and they have been e-mailed twice so far this year.  If you need another reminder sent, simply send me a note, and I will manually generate one.

Also, remember to renew you USAC license prior to Equinox!

Pan Ohio Hope Ride Informational Meeting

On the evening of Tuesday, February 27 from 6:30 - 8:30 Brent Evans will be at Cycle Werks in Whitehouse to talk about the POHR event.  POHR is a four day ride across Ohio ride to benefit cancer patients.  Everyone receiving this newsletter knows one person who has had cancer, and Brent is the consummate spokesperson for both cancer patients and POHR.  A flyer for the event can be found here.

MVW Google Calendar

Perhaps unbeknownst to many members, for numerous years the Club has maintained a Google calendar listing MVW events.  Access to the calendar has always been available via the website, and it can be found here.  Being a Google calendar, one can easily have the included events added to the calendar on one's mobile device.  Beginning with this season, this calendar will be used in greater fashion.  It is our intent to list not only the Club's races and events on it, but other area races, rides and goings-ons that might be of interest to members.  I encourage folks to use this feature.  The calendar has already been updated with the season's Club races.

Club Race Schedule

The MVW Race Schedule has been finalized, and all the event permits have been filed.  The webpage for race worker sign-ups has not yet been created, but it will be done shortly.  For the convenience of immediacy the schedule is also listed below.

  24Mar  Equinox  Fort Meigs  11:00am

  Asheville Trip    19Apr - 22Apr

1  24Apr  TT 1-lap Otsego Park  6:30pm

2  01May  RR  Scotch Ridge 4-laps  6:30pm

3  08May  Crit  OOIP  25-laps  6:30pm

4  15May  Crit  Owens CEP  35-laps  6:30pm

5  22May  TT  MJT short course  6:30pm

6  29May  RR  Woodville  4-laps  6:30pm

7  05Jun  CBM Crit  OOIP  30-laps  6:30pm

8  12Jun  RR Scotch Ridge  5-laps  6:30pm

9  19Jun  RR Colton 5-laps  6:30pm

10  26Jun  TT  Otsego Park  2-laps  6:30pm  Club Picnic 

     03Jul   No Race due to next day being a holiday 

11  10Jul  CC Omnium  Toledo Speedway  6:30pm

12  17Jul  Crit OOIP  30-laps  6:30pm 

13  24Jul  CC Crit  Owens CEP  40-laps  6:30pm

14  31Jul  CC TT  MJT long course  6:30pm

15  07Aug  CC RR  Scotch Ridge  5-laps  6:30pm  

16  14Aug  Crit  Owens DP  35-laps

17  21Aug  RR  Woodville  3-laps  6:30pm

18  28Aug  Crit  Owens CEP  30-laps  6:30pm 

19  04sep  Crit  Owens DP  30-laps  6:30pm

20  11Sep  TT 1-lap  Otsego Park  6:30pm

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